Thursday, June 22, 2017

#Monsoon: Chham Chham Chham..Falling Raindrops

It’s raining...

Watching the Dripping Drops Dancing

Mersmerising and Captivating.... A Feeling

A Soothing Assurance From Heaven...

That Whatever Happens,

How Troubled, Messed up, Hurt....Life is

At The End...

I Will Definitely Get My Share of Rain

Rain Of Blessings,

Rain Happiness,

Rain Of Peace,

And Rain Of Love...

Chham Chham Chham…

Falling Rain Drops

Let’s welcome them

With an enthralling Heart!!

Monsoon Monsoon

Happy Monsoon

Sunday, June 18, 2017

#FathersDay: Fathers Spend Sleepless Nights For their kids

#FathersDay: Fathers Spend Sleepless Nights For their kids

Probably, I have heard for the first time, a man saying "Father Should Have Leave Like - Maternity Leave- to take care of the newly born”.  And it was from husband.  I remember, sometime my son used to cry in the mid- night, making us confused and bewildered, with no clue, what he wanted exactly. I guess…every parent have those moments. Santosh used have a very erratic and abhorrent kind of shift duty those days. Sometime he used to back home after working more than 15 hours at a stretch. But in spite of that “He” used carry the baby for hours, sometime whole night staying awake - asking me to sleep peacefully. In fact, whenever he used to be at home, he used to spare a considerable time in taking care of my son…from bathing him to potty clean him….everything, he used to do. He is the BEST FATHER IN THE WORLD!  


That’s why I always strongly disagree if someone says; fathers don't spend "sleepless nights" for their children.  It’s an utter misconception. They do, may be at work or at home....raat raat bhar woh bhi jagte hain, Like stars at night, they stay awake, while we sleep and we don’t see them when we are awake in the daytime.


Most of the time, I have seen fathers are often misunderstood as “heartless beings” as unlike mothers they don’t wear emotional sleeves. But their sentiments are often invisible, like stars at night. If Mother endow with an emotional anchorage for a child, a father gives survival kit to wade through the waves of harsh realities and remain unfazed by them, and the bag of strength to think for the unthinkable, dare for the impossible!!

Love Your Dad; Love Him For Being Your Father!!
Happy Father’s Day!!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

#WorldEnvironmentDay:If I Were Planet Earth

United Nation's World Environment Day, is celebrated on 5th of June Every Year.  It encourages worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our environment. It began in 1972 and is widely celebrated in more than 100 countries.

However, I feel it should not only be observed for a particular day, instead it should be on every day.

We are all well aware, how we humans, in search of better living in terms infrastructure and development, have blatantly abused nature. We have cut trees, reduced forest lands and polluted water bodies and air to accommodate more humans, projects, and factories...etc. That has imbalanced the Ecology.

In an endeavour to acclaim ourselves as the most intelligent and prudent creature, we have actually somewhere proved our stupidity and imprudence…in the course of time. We have forgotten the fact that “We are from the Environment and Environment is NOT from us”.
There by, it’s high time and imperative now to be alert and aware of our silliness to destroy nature.
Here are few quotes shared by different people on on the prompt #Tree and #IfIWereMotherEarth.
If I would Have Been Planet Earth,
Revolution I would Have Stopped
Every time A Tree Is Curt!!  

It really gives an Insight to the reality making us aler and aware and become sensitive towards our Ecology and Environment!!

Cutting The Trees Will Leave The Future Generation breathless

If Everyone Plant A Tree It Will Help Keep The Environment Pollution Free.

When You save a Tree from Being Cut, You Increase the Life of Mother Earth

Let us all be open-minded and loving towards our home planet.

Friday, June 2, 2017

#OdiaFood: Alubhaja And paratha

Well…let Me tell you, I am not a good cook at all but I try to explore cooking. For me even though cooking is an everyday affair, I don’t really do it with passion unless the dishes are close to me. In short, when I “have to” any way, I use my mind while if it is “I want” to cook, I put my hearts into it.

Being an Odia, I love Odia foods and “I Love” to cook them mainly for two reasons. They make me happily nostalgic and the other one is they are simple to make, less oily and spicy yet wildly tasty.
Here is one…a very simple Odia dish.

Alubhaja and Paratha!

Potatoes cut into thin but straight pieces simply cooked with cumin seeds, oil, chopped onions, turmeric, salt and a pinch of red chilli powder. Served along with Parathas or Rotis…

A typical and classical odia breakfast!! its taste and appeal.
I’s always irresistible for any Odia!
Always in love with it...
😍 😍 😍 😍
Try it guys. Make sure you are asking for it, if you are visiting a Odia friend's house. It takes just few minutes to be prepared as the ingredients are always available at homes.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Dreams:Toothy Smile

I was walking on the lane when the laughter of these two kids caught my attention amidst the cacophonies of vehicle passing every moment on the road. They were playing with the bike parked…riding on it. Their parents (mothers) were selling vegetables on the pavement. I couldn’t stop myself catching those moments. While taking the picture I casually asked, “You love bikes na...Right!!”
The smaller one nodded happily while the bigger one said that he loves bikes veryyyy muchhh. When he will grow up ...he will be like Kohli(Virat Kohli) and buy a Bike...

bhi sapne to sapne hain...
I prayed God...please bless these kids and their dreams.

Meanwhile their parents were panicked with the slightest sight of NMMC or if any NMMC officials as a drive going on removing roadside hawkers But seems these kids r not afraid of the Bike having NMMC sign on its Headlight Area.
Ignorance is Bliss…true!!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Live It Today!!

Since morning
I was lost in random thoughts
Bit nostalgic…at times
And bit thoughtful for future and its course
Thinking, what if I had
A “button to pause”
For some moments of past that I really treasure
And a “time machine” to travel to future
To see what is there for store
And then my phone rang
Bringing me from my trance
I realised…I lost precious moments
Of Today…The Present moment
Thinking of future and past!
And I missed the Sun rise....

Live It Today, Live The Day...Leaving The Future and The Past!! 


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Silence Of Sky: Akashara Nirabata!!

Niraba Nirab Thae Sate Kete Katha kahe Ayee Akasha!!
A pre-dawn sky, often leave me amazed!!
As if it’s the screen having stories to played!!
The Sky appears vast and blue
With a profound silence too
It’s the pool of million droplets
Of the moments Of innumerable tales
That it has watched and stored
Perpetually since time immemorial
Sometime as a unspeaking spectator
Sometime itself as the “Hero” of the tale...

Picture - My Vivo Mobile!!