Sunday, September 10, 2017

#LoveJatao to Your Grandparents By Meeting Them Whenever Life Gives A Chance!!

Grandparents Are a Delightful Blend of Laughter, Caring deeds, Stories and Love!

Sometime I think, do we really need a Special Day To celebrate the Unconditional Love of Grandparents?? Isn’t everyday is a Grandparent’s day instead!! For My Son Aaditya…it is so, at least!!

Well…When it comes to GRANDPARENTS,

I must say I was never so lucky to be blessed with the fun, love and blessings of them, as my son. Only thing I could remember about grandparents are just some faint memories of them getting around us when I had met them occasionally. I have been grown up hearing things that grandparents are adorable creatures, who say lovely stories, allow you everything that your parents debar you from, make you feel like princess by attending to your every demand, no matter legitimate or not and love you unconditionally.

I had never experienced so though. Sigh!!

There were reasons also. My father used to work in different places as he was a government employee far away from our native place. He used to visit his village - where our other relatives and grand ma stayed - or my maternal grandparents house very occasionally, that to hardly for a week or so. In those short periods we used to visit all the relatives staying nearby thereby left with very little time to spend with Grand ma (My Paternal Grand pa had passed away before I was born), Granny or or Nanaji. Also they used to visit us rarely. So I had no play time or story time with Grandparents thereby their love and touch. I always had that thing missing in my life.

Thank God!! The missing emotions and experiences in my life have been compensated - at least I believe so – plentifully as “My Son is having great times with his Grandparents.”

As of now he is the only grandchild at my In-Laws house. So guess what, nobody is there to even share the love his of GrandPa and GrandMa

My father in Law usually is an isolated kind of person and remains withdrawn and silence most of the time.  Don’t know how, but when we visit our native place and he meets my son, Aaditya, he is altogether a different man. I see a different Baba (I call my FIL Baba...). There is a code language between the two. They talk, they play and they listen to each other’s story. I still have to explore what kind of conversations they really do. My son would say it better one day…probably.


 It seems as if My Mother-in-law’s only objective in her life is to feed my son whatever he loves to eat. Lord!! I don’t know from where in the universe she brings that patience to cater his moods. Moreover she narrates the stories of her son (my husband and what he was doing as a child to Aaditya which he hardly listens. There is a different bond between the two which is beyond my intellect to even understand.

My mother could never match the pace and style of my son. My son tries his best to teach Hindi to my mother so that he can talk or communicate with her properly. My mother doesn’t speak and understand Hindi while my son doesn’t understand or speak Odia. However he often ends up with learning some Odia words from her. They don’t know each other’s language but I think they have one of the best communications between them as both understand each other’s feelings. Love has no language!!

My son calls her as DADI…

Right from the moment he started understanding relations, he knew that she was one of most important persons in his life. She was staying in the flat adjacently attached to ours. She had been a Grand ma in all aspects…right from taking care of him to making him understand and differentiate between Good or bad, telling him stories, playing with him and guiding us with different parenting issues and tips. If you ask my son about his Grand Ma…he will first tell about her as he knew she is the real Grand ma while Odishawali Dadi is blood relation Dadima. That’s been the bond so far…

Isn’t it great when you are blessed with love/care/wisdom of so many Grandparents? I hope one day…my son will write about the time spent with Grandparents with some interesting revelation which I don’t know… However the common thing between all is "They eagerly wait to meet each other every time" and when they meet...stories are created by themselves!! 


There is surely an extra-charm in grandparents-grandchild relationships. I don’t think, my son need to a special #GrandParentsDay to celebrate the love and bond between them. For him every day is a Grandparents Day. Thanks To The Technology!! His Days Starts with talking to them over phone on holidays and in the afternoon or night in other days. They have charted out so many plans for their next meet. However, he dreams to take them to Aqua Imagica one day to have fun and frolic with them. Now isn’t it a great idea to #LoveJatao to your Grandparents!!!  I know, it may not be an easily possible dream given to the deteriorating health of his grandparents and their inability to travel long distances. But then, isn’t it having such a dream itself,  what I feel a graet idea to   #LoveJatao to your Grandparents?

Love Your Grandparents…they are rare species on earth filled with unconditional love and blessing!!
I look forward to hear from you how would you celebrate Grandparents Day. Do share a selfie with your grandparents on Sept. 10, 2017 on Twitter or Facebook with #LoveJatao & tag @blogadda to win a goodie from Parachute Advansed.


I look forward to hear from you how would you <a href='http://www.lovejatao. com/' target='_blank'>celebrate Grandparents Day</a>. Do share a selfie with your grandparents on Sept. 10, 2017 on Twitter or Facebook with #LoveJatao & tag <a href=' blogadda' target='_blank'>@blogadda</a> to win a goodie from Parachute Advansed.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

#MumbaiRains...A Thought

It's True That
Every Day Can’t Be a Sunny day,
Having Sun
Spreading its Golden Rays
The Raindrops
May Not Sound Pitter-Patter
And At Times,
Show Us Nature's Fury,
With Heavy Downpour
It's True,
Life Sucks At Times
When Every Where,
Panic and Zilch That Rhymes...
Still, Don't Lose Hope, Have Faith Anyway..
Sooner or Later.... Even This Will Pass Away!!

Friday, August 18, 2017

A Beautiful Pattern In The Sky!!

It Is Always a Celebration To Watch The Sunrise!! This Morning I Was Just Lost in Thoughts...It Seemed As If the Black Clouds Holding Each Others Hand Were Trying To Stop The Sun and it's Ray. But The Sky Witnessed a Beautiful Pattern, And I was Swayed!!

Saturday, July 22, 2017


At Times
My life Becomes A Court Room
I Am The Accused
I Am The Prosecutor
I Am The Defender
I Am The Victim

I Prosecute, I Defend
I Convict, I Acquit
I Punish, I Forgive…
At The End Of The Day
Justice Is Delivered!!!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Yes, I am Scared!!

Yes, I am Scared!!

Are You Scared?

Asked Me The Wild Flower

Yes, I am Scared, I Said

To face This World

That’s filled with Doubled Edged Swords

Of Approvals, Judgments,

Opinions and Rules

Yes, I am Scared…

I am Scared To Face

Standing on a Dias

To Look at the Audience, address

As I feel the smidgen n pinch

On My Face

Snooping Glances

To Gauge my appearance

Measuring My Size

Colour & Vital Status

It Makes Me feel, Awfully Ill

As if I am just a piece

Of Blood & Flesh


Yes I am Scared…

I am Scared

To Express My Words

The Language of My Heart

As I feel

I will be Pierced, With Sharp pointers

To My Words,

My Dictions

My Elocutions,

My Pronunciations

My Articulations

My Accents

My Performances

The Rhythm I follow

The Cadence I don’t

I will be delivered With A verdict

That I don’t Fit

Into the Set of Rules

‘Which I don’t Know Who Has Fixed

Yes, I am Scared

I am scared,  I can’t give a Damn

To this Ridiculing world


Why do you care?

Again, asked The Wild Flower?

Then it explained

With a Soft Tone


I am a Flower

You may not find me everywhere

Never loved by any gardener

To be planted in the Parks for the humans

But I bloom, because I love my existence

Cocooned in the Mangroves & Forests

Without any Rules and Protocols

Like a untamed and carefree soul

I blossom, even if nobody cares to notice

For I adore my own being in the entire Cosmos.

I don’t Care, Yes I don’t Care

To Hell This World

As I have The Universe Of My Share

Can’t You Be Grateful for Yourself,

Your own Identity,

Your own existence and admire it

Without any approval

Of others judgments and intellects?


It’s Good to be a Flower in The Forests

You Enjoy Your Own Existence

Without any protocol & Etiquette

Than beautifying the Garden

As per the Gardener’s aesthetic sense

Or plucked From the Plant

And Put In to a Flower Vase

The Moment you want to Fit

Into Something

Your Existence will be trimmed

At the Cost of your uniqueness

Fear will Grip Ceasing Your Creativity

You Will be Reduced to a Piece of Used Piece

Don’t Scare, Don't Care

Give a damn...

To this prejudiced world

Opinionated Minds

And apparently Lost Souls…

The Moment You Admire Your Own existence

You will be Happy & Glad

Without being concerned about The world

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Hang In There!!!

When Things Are Not Fair
When Life is filled with Despair
Mind is Crammed with Nightmares
Future Seems To Be Going Nowhere
Hang In There…
For The Ultimate Truth Is
Things Change or not
Time Changes For Sure…
Sitting Idle and Believing
That Things Will Change Automatically
Is Inane and Frivolous To the Core
Time Is Undeniably A Healer
But Only After
You Suffer
The Pain and Ache
Of Your Share
Hang In There
Silence Follows Tempest and Thunder
Light Appears at the End of Tunnel…
Time Changes….

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Power Of Words!!

Words Hurt, Words Kill,
Words Mend, Words Heal
Words Make You Cry,
Words Make You Sniffle
Words Bring Joy
Words Bring Smiles
Words Break Hearts
Words Shatter Dreams
Words Amend Broken-hearts
Words Give To Shape to Imaginings
Words Are Lethal Weapons
That Bring War and Chaos
Words Are Soothing To Soul
That Bring Order and Peace
Words Break Us Within
And Wound the Soul...At Times
Words Fill the Hearts with Love
Making Them Compassionate and Kind
Words Disappoint and Dampen the Spirits
Words Tear-down, Words Annihilate
Words Re-kindle Within, Hope and Trust
Words Inspire, Words Liberate
Words Have Power to Destroy the World
Words Have Strength Too To Bring Heaven on Earth